Christmas Blessings

I received an email from some recruiter today.  It wasn’t the usual trolling for job candidates.  Rather it was a simple Christmas wish.  It began with the sentence, “May every day of your life be full of blessings.”

When I read it I realized that every day of my life–every day of your llife as well–*is* full of blessings.  The problem is we don’t usually realize it.  We are either too busy, or too caught up in our problems, or stuck in traffic.
But I assert that just being alive is a blessing.
It is unusually cold here lately.  Stepping out of the cold into a warm building is a blessing.  But in some subtle way stepping out into the cold is a blessing as well.
Having family and friends is a blessing, and I feel blessed to know you.
So I repeat the message that was sent to me:  May every day of your life be full of blessings.  And to that may I add:    may you–if only sometimes–be in touch with the blessings that fill your life.


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