Journal of My Trip to Kenya


In the same year, (1990) that I traveled to Bangladesh, I also went (with my older daughter) to Kenya.

The two trips were quite different in purpose, but they had in common that I made a journal of each.  I recently finished copying to Bangladesh Journal from a printed copy, and I discovered attached to it a printed copy of the Kenya journal which I had thought was lost.

I have finished re-typing it into the computer and it may be read here.

See also the gallery of a small number of scanned images from photos I took on this same trip.

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  1. Must have been an incredible trip with all those animals!

    Recently I’ve had some amazing experiences with large birds that I’d never even seen in a zoo! A huge white owl shortly after mom died and a Great Blue Heron that literally led me to the Christian Gnostics that helped me learn what has happened.

    In case I did not tell you I stumbled into theosis/gnosis and it’s definitely worth pursuing, yet was removed from Western “Christianity”? There were no ‘voices’ of God or Beings, but what was there defies description except superficially; even though that is quite impressive. Learning without studying is quite impressive and proves it came from without; there REALLY is a “GOD” or SOMETHING out there!

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