whatis – What is that file?

This is a program that examines a file and attempts to determine what it is.  It is similar to the posix file(1) command but gives more detail and recognizes a wider variety of file types.  (There are occasions when whatis recognizes that file could give more information, and calls the latter program.)

Note:  This program has an unfortunate name collision with the posix program, whatis(1).  You can easily rename the program when you download it.

Linux version

Windows version

Example output:

$ whatis index.html
WHATIS - Version 2.58
Copyright 1989-2011, Glenn Story

File:  /home/glenn/websites/personal/tools/index.html
File-system analysis indicates EXT2 or EXT3 file system
File-mode analysis indicates regular file
File extension (.html) indicates Hyper-Text Markup Language file

File analysis indicates DOS/Windows ASCII Text file

Text analysis indicates HyperText Markup Language (HTML) file


What happened to my Windows programs?

I am no longer actively using Windows and so I am no longer advertising old Windows programs that I used to post on my old web site.

These programs used to be on my old site which continued to be available for some time.  However it has been shut down.  I still have the programs and am willing to make them available upon request.  Leave a comment here or drop me an email.