IBM 1401 Resurrected


The IBM 1401 Computer was one of the first computer systems I worked on.

Among other things, it was the computer used at that time by the U.S. Army computer-programming school which I attended in the fall of 1968.  We were told that whoever finished first in the class would have their choice of next duty stations.  I was the one who came in first and chose the Presidio of San Francisco as the closest option to my pre-army home (Los Angeles).

It was in San Francisco that I met and married my wife.  I told this story recently to my younger daughter explaining to her that if it weren’t for the IBM 1401 she wouldn’t be here.

The Computer History Museum just recently unveiled a reconstructed IBM 1401.  I attended that unveiling, and shot some video which you can see here.

More details about the 1401 and my army experience with it can be found in my computer memoirs.

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