Eclipse 2017

Last week we were in Oregon to witness the total solar eclipse.

I had always wanted to see one;  this might be my last chance.
I took several consumer cameras, including my smart phone, and took pictures with several of them, but none of those pictures really came out.  (Part of my goal was not to get too engrossed in taking pictures since totality only lasted a little over two minutes.)
Here is one picture at or near totality.  Hard to tell which from the picture;  hard to tell that an eclipse is even occurring:

Here is an accidental selfie of me and the sun shortly after totality.  In the picture it looks like 1-2% but it’s really more like 95-99%.

The one thing I shot that did work out the way I wanted is a video I shot looking at the ground during the eclipse.  I wanted to capture what it looks like on the ground during totality and in this I succeeded.

And if want to see a decent picture of the eclipse (not taken by me) there’s always this one:

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