Old Shoes

Copyright © 2002, Glenn Story

I need to get some new shoes.  Both of my shoes have holes in the soles.  It’s not that I can’t afford them; I just can’t find the kind I like any more.

Today is my birthday.  I didn’t realize it until half way through breakfast.  It was depressing.  Another year older. Another year where my body slides further into disrepair.

My shoes are canvas deck shoes.  When they were new they were bright white.  Now they’re smudged.  And there are holes in the sole.

After breakfast I headed for work.  But first I kissed my wife good bye.  It was not a “peck” but a long passionate kiss; and I held her close to me to comfort me.

I walked to work today.  It was a typical Northern California spring day.  The trees are in bloom and their scent fills the air with sweetness.  But the coastal fog has flowed over the mountains and covers the valley in dark gray clouds.  Both aspects of the day seem to fit my mood.

My knee is starting to get sore; an old injury flaring up.  I keep my right hand in my pocket so passers-by won’t notice that I can’t straighten my elbow all the way–a more recent injury.

On the way to work I step in a small puddle.  Water slips through the hole in the bottom.  Now my sock is wet.

I guess I’ll just have to live with it.

I really do need new shoes.

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