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It was a long time ago, and I don’t remember a lot of the details. But I do remember the date: March 28. I know my parents drove me to the Induction Center in Los Angeles, but I don’t remember the time of day. I think they gave us a cursory medical check. I guess we signed some forms. I do remember raising my right hand along with the others and swearing to defend the Constitution of the United States and to obey all lawful orders. Then they herded us onto a bus. The bus drove pretty much all night. We reached our destination, just north of Monterey, around 2 in the morning. Someone came on the bus and began calling us names and yelling at us to get our sorry asses up and off the bus. The guy had a severe speech impediment and his stammer pretty much destroyed his attempt at being overbearing. Nevertheless we filed off the bus and stood in line to receive bedding. We were then led to a two-story wooden barracks and assigned a bunk.

Three hours later the lights suddenly came on and someone was going from bunk to bunk, shaking the frame and yelling at us to get the fuck out of bed. Outside we could hear the sounds of machine-gun fire and bugles.

March 28–a date I soon was taught to remember as my “DOE”. Date of Entry into the U.S. Army.

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