Day 10 — At Foxconn

Today I went to the Foxcon to see the assembly lines.

I expected to see the product lines for one or more of our products;  I did see that in it was quite amazing to see the efficiency with which it works.

I would like to go into more detail but I probably shouldn’t.  The operation is kept quite secret as are the details of new devices.  See for a video about Apple’s operations at the same facility.  I am told that the wages and working hours for our Foxconn employees as well as those of Apple have been improved because of the publicity raised about Apple.  I would also say I didn’t see any bad working conditions–other than boredom–associated with the work here.  Nor did I see any children or young teenagers on the line.
I expected to spend a couple of hours and ended up spending the whole day–mostly watching them debug problems with the new line.  It was a fascinating experience.

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