It’s now the day after Christmas.  I would say most of my post-operative pain is gone.

Next week they said I could resume exercising.  Because the weather’s cold it might be a weekend before I try riding my bike, but I’ll probably resume strength training anyway.

So I’d say most of my short-term post-operative problems have cleared up.

My incontinence is mostly limited to small leaks which mostly happen when I’m standing with either an almost empty or overfull bladder.  Anything in between I seem to be able to hold without conciseness effort.  If my bladder gets too full then I leak in any position.  “Too full” doesn’t really mean much.  Starting next week I may try holding more in to try to increase the capacity.

The other long-term problem I face is even more delicate a subject than incontinence and that is impotence.  Right now I am unable to get an erection, although my libido is returning to normal.  That’s kind of frustrating.  They say that will come back over a period of 3 months to a year.


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