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Copyright © 2004, Glenn Story

Computer Memoirs

Glenn Story



This is a collection of personal reminiscences about my long love affair with computers.† I hope it will be of interest to my friends and family, and perhaps someday it will be a look back on what I consider a renaissance in the development of computers.†


Part of my inspiration for writing this document is an autobiography written by my maternal grandfather.† I have always found his writing to be a fascinating window on another era.† I hope future readers of this document will at least gain some insight into life in Silicon Valley and the state of computer technology at the turn of the 21st Century.


I am starting this writing on Saturday, January 31, 2004.† At the time of this writing I have been working with computers for 40 years.† During that time computers have evolved from expensive, esoteric machines, to common consumer goods, found in most homes, not only here, but around the world.


I intend this to be both a stand-alone document that can be read in printed form or stored in a single document.† I also intend it to be a web page (or site?)† For that latter purpose, I will include hyperlinks where I think it appropriate.†


My writing here will include both personal reminiscences and technical recollections. †I have debated about the fact Iím writing to two different audiences:† personal friends and family who may not understand or care about technical details, and technical friends and colleagues who might well be interested in those details.† To solve the problem of divergent audiences, I have decided to use multiple type fonts to indicate which of the audiences Iím addressing:



Please feel free to skip over the technical parts if they donít interest you.


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